Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Best Beef Stew EVER!!!!

Hi, I’m Cooking Monster and I have an addiction.

I LOVE Pioneer Woman’s blog. If you have not been, GO!

I have to go every day (if not more than once a day)

I laugh and cry with her life. I read her home schooling section and think about doing it in my mind. I look through her Photo section and wish I could take photos like that. (Thank god I don’t have to, that is my brother’s job). I get ideas from her home and garden section.

Then you get to the cooking section.

I can not stop cook from it!

Not a single recipe is bad. And oh my god the cinnamon rolls and I don’t like them. (I know the husband is working on my issues).

I typical stick to the baking, it is what I do best!

However I branched out the other day and found the best beef stew! It has beer in it. How can it be bad!

Just try it!

The Best Beef Stew ever.

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